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Is your horse front wheel drive or all wheel drive? Need 2 or 4 boots? We've got 'em!

For centuries, the combination of horses and ice has been lethal. Even the simplest tasks, such as walking your horse from the pasture into the barn, or even trying to load them into the horse trailer, become so much more dangerous when ice and snow are present. We have all heard people telling horror stories of moving their horses, and them slipping and falling, hurting themselves and their owner. Anytime ice is on the ground, horse owners have good reason to worry.

Ice and slick surfaces have always been an issue. What do you do, if you can’t put borium shoes or shoes with cleats on your horse? There hasn’t been anything out there to make winter a little more safer for our friends until now. Hoof Trax LLC is proud to announce the first easy to apply slip-on safety boot. Hoof Trax will take your friend safely from the pasture to the barn or out to the horse trailer, without you having to throw sand down and make trails for them.

Hoof Trax LLC is looking forward to the release of the first safety traction boot, Hoof Trax. Keep checking back to our Website, and for updates and progression pictures.